Montag, 31. Januar 2011

Wenn durch die Arbeit Gott spricht...

Heute beim Bearbeiten der CD der Woche für entdeckt.
Hat mich angesprochen. Sehr berührt. Will ich gern weitergeben:

Aaron Keyes - Help me Lord
"Help me Lord, I can’t see
What you have in store for me
Even though all seems dark
Help me Lord, to trust your heart

I am tired, I am weak
Are you listening to me
You seem so far, Far from here
Now I need you to be near

I throw myself into your arms
resting in tenderness and love
You are the Lord, I bow to you
And I will always follow you

Hold me close, Holy One
Let your loving comfort come
Help me pray like your Son
Not my will but yours be done"

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